How to Care for Sunflowers at Home

Boatrentalshavasu – One of the flowers that attracts the attention of plant lovers the most is the sunflower. The sunflower is a flower that symbolizes happiness and pleasure. Sunflowers are always beautiful and elegant, which is why many flower lovers are fascinated by sunflowers.

Sunflowers are large in size, the appearance of flowers has a different character from other flowers. With large petals and slightly wide green leaves surrounding it. But keep in mind that planting sunflowers is not easy. Especially if you want to plant it as one of the beautiful flowers in the garden.

And here are some ways to take care of sunflowers at home. Read more below, yes.

Plant sunflowers in the ground

The first way to take care of sunflowers at home is to plant them in the ground. In fact, in the ground, sunflowers will grow well if they are exposed to enough sun.

Sunflowers are naturally the type of flower that likes areas with warm temperatures. Therefore, to ensure that sunflowers grow well, these flowers must receive direct sunlight. Sunflowers need sunlight to grow well.

So, sunflowers are often considered one of the ornamental plants because of their beautiful shape. In addition, you can plant sunflowers in the yard of the house. However, you need to pay attention to its location so that it always gets enough sunlight.

Plant in an area that is not exposed to strong winds.

The second way to take care of sunflowers at home is to make sure that the sunflower planting area is not one that is often exposed to the wind. This is because sunflower plants are a type of plant that has a long “body”.

Therefore, if the sunflower is allowed to grow and stand without rebuttal, then it is exposed to strong winds, it is not impossible for the sunflower to quickly break the stem.

And, to prevent the sun from being exposed to strong winds, a special place is needed, such as a container with a fence. This can avoid the strong winds that can hit the sunflowers.

However, if there is no container, there should at least be a fence around the sunflowers to prevent strong winds from hitting the sunflowers.

Protect sunflowers from destructive pests

One of the things that should be considered as a way to take care of sunflowers at home is to make sure that the sunflowers are free from pests. This is because sunflower is a type of flower that is very popular with pests. One of the pests that often damage this flower is the green ladybug.

Green ladybugs often attack sunflower seeds. In addition, other pests that often attack sunflowers are leafhoppers. Grasshoppers very often attack the leaves of this flower. However, not only that, this type of pest also sometimes attacks flowers. And other pests like caterpillars and grasshoppers. Both attack the leaves of the sunflower.

Sunflower seeds are the ones that can become a profitable business. However, even if you are not a businessman or a grower, the pests that attack sunflowers need to be considered and treated. Therefore, sunflowers really need to be sprayed with a pest control liquid.

Choose a sunflower planting area paying attention to the pH level

Next comes the selection of a sunflower planting area. The pH level required for each plant is different. That is why it must be adapted to the planting area for the sunflowers to grow well.

Then, in addition to the different needs of each plant, the pH and acidity levels of each soil are different. And, for the sunflower category, it requires a slight level of acidity, which is around 6-7.5 pH levels.

However, if you can’t determine the pH and acid levels, sunflowers can grow pretty much anywhere. But it will grow best if planted in soil with a pH of around 6-7.5.

Reference: natgeos.com

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